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Multi Purpose

Multi Purpose

Punch, Kick or Push anywhere on the 20" x 18" force pad

Digital Force Sensor

Digital Force Sensor

See real forces in Lbs, Kgf, N. Dynamic sensing at 1 Khz

Live Action Data

Live Action Data

See data in real time as you punch or kick the pad

Win More

Win More

Use data to improve your skills and track your progress

Digital Force Sensor




The heart of the kit is the digital force sensor built into the punching or kicking pad. It measures forces at 1000 times a second and detects peak forces applied over the 15" x 20" padded surface.

How it Works


The PunchSensor communicates with our software running on Windows PC or Tablet. The software continuously measures the forces exerted by a kick or a punch, detects and computes the peak force and the number of punches in a given time duration.

This data is then displayed in real-time as well as saved to a file for further analysis.





The software detects and displays the peak force of each impact during a round.

Users can save results from a session and compare it with data from earlier saved sessions to see progress and compare the effectiveness of different techniques.

Track Your Performance

Peak Force (lb)
Average Force (lb)
Impact per Minute

Suggested Mounting Options


The sensor consists of two aluminum plates that sandwich a force sensor. The upper plate is covered by thick foam that serves as the punching pad.

You can mount the PunchSensor to an excercise frame or to a wall using the four through holes provided at the four corners of the lower plate. 

The kit does NOT come with a mounting kit. You have to make your own.

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Customer Reviews

This is exactly what I needed. A sensor that lets me see things I could not before.

"Wow! Now I can track my workouts and see improvement from week to week."

"Brilliant tool! Helped me refine my technique, improve my punches and reduce injury risk."

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