Make Your Punches Count

Track punch force and punches per minute

with our Boxing Training kit

Multi Purpose

Punch, Kick or Push anywhere on the 20" x18" force pad

Digital Force Sensors

See real forces in Lbs, Kgf, N. Dynamic sensing at 1 Khz

Live Action Data

See data plotted in real time as you punch or kick the pad

Grow Your Game

Use data to improve your skills and track your progress

Punch Force Graph v2

How It Works

The solution consists of two parts: A digital force sensor and application software that can run on a Windows PC or Tablet.

The sensor continuously measures the force imparted, detects each punch, computes the peak force and the number of punches in a given time duration. This data can then be displayed in real-time as well as saved to a file for further analysis.

Digital Force Sensors

This solution includes a 20"x18" force pad that measures the forces applied by an athlete when kicking or punching the pad and transmits this data through USB to a Windows Tablet or PC at up to 1 KHz data update rate.

You can setup a large screen monitor to display the peak values and the rate at which the athlete is kicking or punching and provide active feedback during the training session.


The software displays the value of each punch or kick applied during a user defined time period.

Just connect the load cell to the USB port of a PC, start the software and start measuring! You can select different units, log the data to a comma separated Excel friendly file and plot the data as a Force vs. time plot with peak/low values shown. All this at a very attractive price!

Video Overview

Punch Sensor In Action

Seen On Mythbusters

World class boxer in action



The Boxing Training Kit was developed by Loadstar Sensors a pioneer in the area of digital force measurement. Founded in 2003 by Div Harish, Loadstar developed the world's first USB Load Cell that enabled users to easily measure forces on a Windows PC.

Innovations in the area of digital wired and wireless force measurement, capacitive force measurement and several key applications are covered by over 16 patents.

Loadstar Sensors located in Fremont, CA has over five thousand customers in diverse industries like automotive, aerospace, medical device, sports, fitness and high technology.

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